Top 10 Cute Smallest TeaCup Dog Breeds Review List in the World [2020]

1. Chihuahua: [Smallest dog breed in the world]

Price range is $800 to $1,500

Chihuahua is a name derived from a village in Mexico. They are of height 16 cm and weigh 1 to 3 kg. They are very friendly and affectionate with the family members.


  • They are the smallest breed in the world
  • Height is of 16 cm
  • Cute and unique.
  • Friendly and affectionate
  • Easily can be carried out


  • Easily can be carried out


If you are looking for a small pet at home, then Chihuahua is the best choice. Usually, Chihuahuas don’t grow above 16 cm and weigh around 1-3 kg, making their compact size a big bonus for those wanting a dog that can be comfortably carried around.

2. French Bulldog: Smallest toy dog breeds

Price:- between $1,500-$3,000.

The French Bulldog has a unique appearance. It is of weight 9 to 12 kgs. It has a short face with a rounded chest and also round bat-like ears. Though they are of short size, they do have a muscular body and a short coat.

For these dogs proper training and socialization are important. These dogs are very intelligent and they learn the tricks with ease. These dogs can be made as an exceptional one for apartments. They are very affectionate and also alert and playful.


  • Small size and unique appearance.
  • Muscular body
  • These dogs are very intelligent
  • Affectionate, playful yet alert.
  • It can be made as apartment dogs.


  • These dogs are quite expensive.


French Bulldog is very short yet has a great muscular body. Its unique appearance adds a great look to it. Though it is playful, yet it is alert. On the whole, if you are looking out for an apartment dog breed, then French Bulldog is a perfect one.

3. Bichon Frise: smallest teacup toy breed 

Price:- $500 to $1000

Bichon Frise is one of the small cutest dog breeds. These dogs are originated in Spain. According to Spanish, the word Bichon Frise means ‘curly lap dog’. These dogs are very cheerful, playful, intelligent, and friendly. 

These dogs have a very compact body with dense and curly white hair. Its tail is long, the head is rounded and its eyes are black and rounded.

These dogs have a stronger resemblance to white poodles. These dogs are very patient and are very adorable. They are very social and can easily become friends with family members as well as other pets too.


  • Small Cute Dog breed
  • Consist of dense white hairs.
  • These dogs have a happy temperament
  • These dogs are very adorable
  • Very patient and friendly


  • These dog breeds are very expensive
  • They are of weight 5 to 10 kg


Bichon Frise is one of the adorable dogs. It has a dense white curly hair that makes it more attractive and unique. The best quality about it is its friendly temperament.

These dogs are very social and can be trained easily. On the whole, these dogs are very friendly and a great companion for your children.

4. Boston Terrier

price usually ranges from $600-$1,200.

Boston Terrier is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. It has a broad chest and a short tail. Its weight is 4.5 to 11 kgs only.

It requires early socialization. They are very sensitive and are intelligent as they could learn the tricks with ease. They are very playful and lovable that they become a member of the family.


  • It has a square appearance
  • Well-muscled outlook
  • Very sensitive
  • Playful yet intelligent
  • The best companion for a family


  • It requires early socialization
  • Can become friends with strangers easily
  • Must be kept only in indoors as it cannot withstand severe weather conditions


If you are looking for the best companion in the family, then Boston Terrier is a great choice. Its weight is only 4.5 to 11 kg. These dogs are very playful and are lovable. On the whole, these dog breeds make a perfect one for children. But make sure to provide early socialization to it.

5. Shih Tzu: Smallest toy dog breeds

Price between $500-$1000 on average

According to Chinese, Shih Tzu means ‘Little lion’. The long hair around their head makes it appear like a lion. They are of weight 4 to 7.2 kg. They are very affectionate and lovely dogs. It is one of the smallest dog breed teacups.

These dogs are early from 8000 B.C. They have long silky hair. These dogs would be a perfect companion if proper training is provided. They can be a perfect apartment pet but cannot be a guard dog.


  • These dogs are early from 8000 B.C
  • They have silky hair
  • Lovely and affectionate
  • It appears like a lion
  • Perfect companion at home


  • High maintenance is required for its hair.
  • Cannot be used as a guard dog


Do you know a dog breed that resembles a lion? It’s the Shih Tzu. Its long silky hair makes it very adorable. These dogs are lovely and very affectionate. Overall, these dogs are recommended as an apartment dog but as a guard dog.

6. Papillon: Smallest cutest dog breeds

Price:- $800-$3,000

Papillon is one of the smallest toy dog breeds. Its name refers to ‘butterfly’. The papillon dogs weigh between 3.6-4.5 kg and reach a maximum height of 11 inches. This cute breed 's coat is long and lustrous. It has a great temperament.

These dogs require proper training and early socialization. Crucially significant for papillon puppies is daily walking. These dogs are highly charming and active. Daily combing is important for keeping their long silky hair beautiful.


  • Highly active and cute
  • It has beautiful long silky hair.
  • Great as an apartment pet
  • Good temperament
  • Weighs 3.6 to 4.5 kg


  • Daily walking is essential
  • Requires proper training
  • Daily combing is required


Papillon dogs are the perfect ones for the apartment. It weighs only 3.6 to 4.5 kg. It has a good temperament and has beautiful long silky hair. On the whole, Papillon is the great one as its active as well as adorable.

7. Pug: Smallest teacup dog breed

Price:- between $600 to $900

Pug is one of the top 10 smallest dog breeds. It is a cute dog with a happy temperament. They have a flat round face with deep wrinkles. According to Latin, Pug refers to ‘fist’. This name is because it looks like a human fist.

These dogs are of height 14 inches and weight 6 to 9 kgs. They have a rounded head with small ears, rounded eyes, curly hair, and deep wrinkles. 

Hence, training can be done with ease. 


  • They have rounded head with rounded small eyes
  • Its height is 14 inches and weight is of 6 to 9 kg.
  • Very sensitive to mater’s voice
  • It has a happy temperament
  • Very much devoted to the family


  • High maintenance is required


Pug is a great dog that has a happy temperament. It is very sensitive and listens to all the instructions of its master. It is very adorable. On the whole, a pug is recommended as a great pet to the family as it is very much devoted to them.

8. Toy Poodle: Smallest toy dog breeds

Price:- $700-1,500

Toy Poodle has a square proportion and also a rounded head. The eyes are oval-shaped and the ears hang down. One thing that makes toy poodles so popular is the lovely curly coat. 

The coat comes in white, cream, silver and apricot in a variety of colors. They 're not about to shed their hair. For this breed the proper maintenance of the hair is important.

It is easy to train the toy poodle puppies because they are very intelligent. Good nature is yet another good toy poodle’s quality. The toy poodles are very playful too and require regular exercise.


  • Consist of a lovely curly coat.
  • Its hair doesn’t shed
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • very intelligent
  • It has a good nature


  • Proper maintenance is required


Toy Poodle is a dog that a good nature as well as are intelligent. Its hair doesn’t shed. On the whole, it makes a great pet for your family.

9. Pomeranian

Price:- $500 and $1,500

Pomeranian constitute one of the world's most popular dog breeds. They are remarkable for their tiny size, weighing only as much as 3.5 kg. Also called Pomeranian as poms. 

Pomeranian come in 23 different colors including cream, chocolate, red, orange, white, wolf sand, and beaver sand.

Pomeranian can be good guard dogs. They are going to bark at anything that they found suspicious. They are well suited for indoor use. Pomeranian are among the most shedding breed. 

Routine brushing and combing are something to maintain their coat's beauty.


  • Popular dog breeds
  • Very good guard dogs
  • Available in 23 colors
  • They are remarkable for their tiny size
  • Very adorable


  • Routine combing and brushing are essential.
  • It requires high maintenance.


Poms are one of the popular dog breeds. It is available in 23 different colors. It is very adorable. Though these dogs are cute, yet they serve as a greater guard dog by barking instantly at the strangers.

10. Yorkshire Terrier: Smallest teacup dog breed

Price:- Average $800 - $1500 USD

Yorkshire Terrier is a famous dog breed that is well-known for its long hair. In the real scenario, they never weigh more than 3.2 kg.

They have a small head, V-shaped ears, and medium-sized black eyes. The long, silky hair comes in various colors-blue steel and tan.

The Yorkshire dogs' temperament depends on how much training and socialization they are getting in puppy hood.

They are not suitable for outdoor living, because in too cold or too warm conditions they cannot withstand it.


  • Consist of long hair
  • V-shaped eyes, small head, and black eyes
  • It doesn’t weigh more than 3.2 kg.
  • These dogs are very confident
  • Perfect watchdogs


  • Temperament depends on the training
  • Not suitable for outdoors


If you are looking for cute yet a perfect watchdog, then Yorkshire Terrier is a perfect one. These dogs are very confident and start barking at strangers.


What dog is smaller than a Chihuahua?

Russian toy

What is the smallest dog in the world 2020?


What is the smallest designer dog?

Maltese + Poodle = Maltipoo

What is the cutest little dog?

Pug, Papillon, Yorkshire Terrier, Havanese, etc.

What is the smallest breed of teacup dog?

Teacup Chihuahua

What dogs stay tiny forever?

Chihuahua, Dachshund, Maltese, Italian Greyhound, Bolognese, etc.

What is the best small house dog?

Pug, French Bulldog, Poodle, Papillon, Beagle, etc.

Who is no 1 dog in world?

Labrador Retriever

What are the four smallest breeds of dog?

Pomeranian, Maltese, Yorkshire terrier, Chihuahua, etc.

What are some of the smallest and largest dog breeds?

Russian Toy, Brussels Griffon, Papillons, Affenpinscher, Pomeranian, etc.


If the apartment you’re living don’t have enough space and you’re planning for dog then you can adopt tiny dog breeds. Due to less size then can comfortably live in small space area.

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