Top 10 Police Dog Breeds List Reviews For New Dog Owner [2020]

Police Dog Breeds: -

There are many dogs around in our neighborhood. Some looks Active while some looks lazy and some of them are cute, But Police dog breeds are highly trained with well disciplined manners. Police dogs are chosen by their special abilities.

To know more about them check below the top 10 police dog breeds list.

1. German Shepherd: Best Police Dogs


The most active and smarter breed is German Shepherd. This is the mostly used by Police and Defence.

German Shepherd is the Best Police Dog because of its fast learning ability. They always serve some extra intelligence.


  • Known for Loyalty.
  • Fast learner.
  • Very Active.
  • Kind to children.
  • Disciplined
  • Courageous
  • Muscular


  •  Aggressive toward other pets.
  • Expensive caring.


German Shepherd is strong, intelligent, very active and cute these are the reasons why it is best police dog. They can learn anything easily which is very easy to them. It is very angry against intruders. These can be easily adjustable in Police and mostly while tracing enemies Police and defense personnel use German Shepherd Dogs.

2. Labrador: Common Police Dogs

Price:-$800 to $1200

American Labrador is most commonly used by Police. These dog breed have extra sniffing skills than other dogs. Basically, you will find this dog breed on Airport to check items.

Also the Narcotics department always use this dog to find Drugs and other alcoholic things. These dogs are mostly found in shiny cream color hairs and shiny brown hairs.

The Labrador looks lazy but are very active when exercising daily. These Labrador are very loyal and protective. You will find Labrador as very muscular but it is completely covered with creamy Hair.


  • Very Loyal.
  • Sniffing power.
  • Have Manners.
  • Kind
  • Intelligent
  • Easily trained.


  • Hair lose in hot.
  • Daily exercise needed.


Labrador are very known and hired in Police department because of their sniffing skills. These are very intelligent and make good decision at their own. You will find Labrador almost always happy. But the only problem you have to exercise this dog daily otherwise it will become lazy. Also, in summers this dog have to suffer from hair lose.

3. Corgi: Russian Police Dog Breeds

Price:-$1,000 to $2,200

These Dogs are small in size but have special ability to be better herder in every condition. Corgi are trainable and faithful. The exciting thing is it can bark more louder than Bigger Dogs.

These dogs have different colors from red to blue-Merle. Their activeness is unbeatable. Also, you will find the Corgi breed very friendly to other dog breeds. That’s why it is in the Russian Police Service.


  • Smaller in size.
  • Can be trained.
  • Athletics
  • Mental and physical active.


  • Easily get overweight.


This dog is very smaller in size. Corgi dog breed comes with different color variants. This Dog breed is very active with their mental and physical health. These are considered in the service because it is athletics in nature.

4. Belgian Malinois:  Police K9 dogs

Price:-$1000 to $2500

Belgian dogs are hail from German Shepherd family. These dogs are highly used by Police as K9 Police officer. They are very strong which clearly showed from their body shape which is muscular.

These breed dogs are used in Narcotics, Bomb sniffing and getting criminal down. And it is easy to handle Belgian as compared to German shepherd.


  • Easily trainable.
  • Strong and Muscular.
  • Sniffer dog.
  • Loyal


  • Needs time to play.
  • Aggressive toward other animals.


This dog breed is very used by Police because its high activity level makes it different from others. Also, it is very easy to be trained. This dog breed wants daily exercise to be fit and happy. Also, beside that it is very aggressive when not getting the workout regular and aggressive towards other animals.

5. Doberman Pinscher: Top Police Dog Breeds

Price:-Average $600 – $1000

This dog breed is widely known by its aggressive nature to intruder. The Doberman is very active by nature and it needs heavy training to get eligible for Police. Mostly dogs pass this examination.

By looks it is very dangerous and intelligent. Basically it is used for catching prisoners and other criminals by using its high sniffing Power. Its athletics power is so high and can’t be controlled by normal people.


  • Can be prepared for Wars.
  • Loyal
  • Energetic
  • Dangerous by looks.
  • Athletics


  • Not for normal people.
  • Need exercised daily.


This dog breed is used by Police because of its aggressive and highly energetic nature. You will find almost every animal got easily scared of Doberman Pinscher. Beside all this if it trained well it can help Police in sniffing and finding the enemies. It needs highly workout otherwise it got frustrated.

6. American Pit bull Terrier: Best Police Dog Breeds

Price:-Average $500 - $1000

By its first look it definitely scares you. These are mainly used as K9 Police officers. And you will find this dog in rescuing people. This dog is very expensive and need heavy diet to get stable and energetic.

These dogs are very courageous, fast and stronger than others. Pit bull needs heavy training to get into Police. These dogs have a locking claw if something got stuck inside their mouth even dog can’t leave it easily due to locks.


  • Stronger
  • Rescue people easily.
  • Faster
  • Energetic


  • Aggressive
  • Expensive


This dog has very aggressive face. This dog is very courageous and can down bigger enemy easily. Pit bull is very powerful dog. It is mainly used to catch intruders or prisoners or running victim. Because ones something got stuck in its claws then until its owner not come not going to unlocks.

7. Boxers: Police k9 dog breeds

Price:-$800 and $2,800

Boxer dogs are very flexible that has served in WW1 and WW2.  This Boxer dog breed are serving in Police as K9 officers.

Boxer dogs are very stable and loyal. Mostly this dog breed is used by Police to patrol in hotspot.


  • Active and Powerful.
  • Used as Messenger.
  • Mentally Stable.
  • Very Energetic.
  • Aggressive looks.
  • Loyal


  • Intolerant of hot weather.
  • Hard exercise.


Boxers are very intelligent towards its owner. It is working as K9 police officer after world war 2. Perfect Choice for New owner.

8. Dutch Shepherd: K9 police Dog Breeds


This dog has rugged muscular looks. It is very reliable, loyal, alert, and intelligent. This dog is not aggressive by its nature. In many countries Dutch Shepherd are used as K-9 units. Dutch Shepherd are basically used to sniffs out bombs and drugs.

You will find it is very easier to handle this dog breed. Also, if trained well they can be used as detective and for patrolling. This runs very faster and catch intruders easily.


  • Easy to handle.
  • Used for sniffing.
  • Non-aggressive.
  • Loyal to owner.
  • Fast learner.
  • Athlete
  • Very intelligent.


  • Not loyal to others.


This Dutch Shepherd is not so expensive. This has a rugged and muscular design. Some countries hired this dog breed as Police K-9 dog breed. It can be easily trained because this dog breed is fast learner. You will find some police department use this dog as sniffing. These dogs are very loyal to its owner but due to its non-aggressiveness makes it not secure. 

9. German Short haired Pointer


This dog is very thin and runs faster that’s why added in Best Police Dog breed. This dog is a hunting Dog which is used by Police. This dog is very stable which means less aggressive towards normal people and animals. But the will power of this shorthaired pointer is amazing.

Their technique to hold anything in claw is just amazing. These breed has bold looks. This dog is widely used for tracking criminals by Police.


  • Runs Faster.
  • Bold looks.
  • Non-aggressive.
  • High tension claw.
  • Mentally stable.


  • Need Hard training.
  • Expensive.


German Short haired pointer have bold looks. This dog breed is very active that’s why these are found to be sharp and faster. By Police official they are a better tracking expert. But these dog need high training to get into Police. Basically, they called them hunters.

10. Bloodhound: K9 Police Dog Breeds


This dog breed is very powerful but not so active as others. But its looks will stop anyone to its owner. Bloodhound is very good tracker. This dog breed works as K9 Police officer. It can attack two people at a time and can get them down easily by its power. Bloodhound is muscular and large by height.

In the first Bloodhound works as hunting dogs. But this dog breed is very calm and friendly.


  • Massive body.
  • Tracking and have great sense of smell.
  • Non-aggressive.
  • Needs less training.
  • Powerful


  • Overweight issue.
  • Expensive


Bloodhound is a massive body size muscular body dog breed. This dog breed is serving as K-9 officer in Police. Along with size they are very powerful. But they are very difficult to train because of less attentiveness. Also, these are used as Hunting Dogs in the first. Now, they are serving Police with their soul.


What breed is the best police dog?

German Shepherd, Labrador, Doberman Pinscher, etc.

What is the most dangerous dog in world?

Bull Terrier, St. Bernard, Great Dane, etc.

How do police dogs get paid?

Actually they do not require any pay.

What dogs do police use UK?

Belgian Malinois

What dog do Navy SEALs use?

Belgian Malinois

What is the charge for killing a police dog?

It’s a Crime

Why do cops choose German shepherds?

They can easily perform multiple takes than any other dog breed.

Are police dogs male or female?

Mostly male

Are police dogs friendly?


Are military dogs trained to kill?



Police dog breeds are highly trained to do professional work which other dog’s can’t do. We’ve mentioned top 10 police dog breeds. We’ve hope you liked this article.

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