Top 10 The Large Dog Breed List Reviews on Earth [2020]

1. Great Dane: World’s Largest Dog Breed

Price:- $600 - $3000

The Great Dane is popularly described and evaluated by the Kennel Club as the largest dog breed, in terms of height. Its origin is German. They may be extremely large and strong but due to their calm and loving temperament.

the Great Dane is recognized also as "gentle giant." They make very good pet dogs, need limited grooming and exercise every day


  • calm and loving nature
  • Largest Dog Breed On Earth
  • Requires minimal grooming only
  • These dogs are great as pet dogs
  • These dogs are of 100-120 lbs
  • They come in various colors


  • Exercise must be done daily


These great big dogs are affectionate with familiar people and other dogs and pets and are particularly gentle with kids. These are perfect as guardian dogs. These dog breeds have an average height of 28 to 30 inches. They require more attention and loving. On the whole, they are highly recommended as they are lovable as well as loyal.

2. Saint Bernard

Price:- $850 - $1500

The Saint Bernard breeds are dogs that range between 25-30 inches in height and weigh between 140 and 180 pounds anywhere. Although initially used as dogs to find and rescue travelers, the Saint Bernard today are mostly family dogs.

They're known to be delicate, affectionate, friendly, and great with kids.


  • Height is of 25-30 inches
  • very useful as rescue dogs
  • affectionate, friendly with family as well as kids.
  • used as guard dogs.
  • They are highly resistant to cold
  • It is used to walk through snow and search for avalanche victims.


  • Requires proper training as well as socialization.


These dogs are of weight 120 lbs and are 36 inches tall. They are used as rescue dogs and nowadays, it is used as pet dogs too. They are highly resistant to cold climatic conditions and hence used to walk through heavy snow and save avalanche victims.

Overall, it is highly recommended as it is very friendly with children, family as well as other pets.

3. Irish Wolfhound: Largest Breed Of Dog In The World

Price:-$800 - $2200

The Irish wolfhound is one of the greatest breeds of dogs. Of this breed, the minimum physique of dogs is at least 34 inches, but their weight will have about 105 lbs for females and 120 lbs for males.

Irish wolfhounds may have distinct personalities and they're often very idealistic and have their own individual quirks. At the same time, they are not aggressive as well as impulsive.

Nowadays, Irish wolfhounds are prevalent family dogs known to be quite restrained, easy-going, smart, and silent.


  • For females, 105 lbs and for males, 120 lbs.
  • They are not aggressive or impulsive
  • Quite restrained, smart and easy-going
  • They are very silent


  • It requires perfect training


Irish wolfhound has a unique character when compared to other dogs. It is not aggressive or impulsive but due to its hunting nature, it may tend to course the various other dogs. It is very easy to train and is very friendly and affectionate to its family and kids.

4. Scottish Deerhound

Price:- $1000 - $2500

Deerhounds can stand up to 32 "tall and weigh up to 110 pounds. In the past, these dogs were used for deer hunting due to its hound-like structure and big-boned legs.

Even though they are not used for hunting deer today, enthusiasts who use them for show and, in some places, lure courses keep the breed alive.

Dogs of this great breed are always very dedicated, delicate, affectionate and loving, and are also very connected to the people and friendly with unknown people.


  • These dogs were used for deer hunting
  • These dogs are affectionate, delicate, and dedicated.
  • They are very friendly to people
  • Hound-like structure and big-boned legs


  • Easily becomes friends with strangers.


Scottish Deerhound is 32" tall and weighs up to 110 pounds. These dogs have utilized deer hunting due to a hound-like structure and big-boned legs. The dogs are really delicate, dedicated, and affectionate and are very friendly with family members as well as strangers too.

5. Russian Black Terrier: Largest Dog Breed Russian

Price:- $1800 - $2500

The Russian Black Terrier is a very brave, calm, and self-confident dog. It has a strong watchdog intuition which makes it a great guard dog. It's very cautious of the kids at home and if they are brought up together it gets along very well with other smaller pets.

But because of the healthy suspicion of all strangers, they are big, strong, and muscular dogs that need a powerful trainer and leader, as well as extensive socialization.


  • These are very brave, self-confident, and calm too.
  • It serves a great guard dog.
  • It is very friendly along with other pets.
  • Healthy suspicion of all strangers
  • These are big, muscular, and strong dogs.


  • Requires extensive socialization.


Russian Black Terrier is a great guard dog. It is a brave, calm, and self-confident dog. These dogs are very friendly to the kids in the family. On the whole, these dogs are highly recommended as a watchdog that is very active as well as affectionate to the family.

6. Tosa Inu


Tosa Inu have fairly cute faces with sad brown eyes and wrinkled foreheads, but bear in mind that they have been explicitly bred for combat. They are amazingly powerful and muscular and are fortunately not aggressive to people.

Tosa Inu is very sociable and gentle with children but will have a tendency at all costs to safeguard them.


  • Brown eyes with a wrinkled forehead
  • Social and gentle to kids
  • Great as a fighter dog
  • Not aggressive to people
  • They are very powerful and muscular


  • Requires more training.


Tosa Inu is a great dog with its cute face and brown eyes. They are very muscular but aren’t aggressive to the people. They are very social and safeguard children in all circumstances.

7. Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog


Today the Pyrenees are a mellow partner and a cautious guardian of home and family. Normally dogs of this breed are very quiet, but if a threat is detected they are always ready to spring into action. 

To avoid problems, take the time to socialize with as many dogs and people as possible as your young Pyrenees mountain dog grows up.


  • These dogs are best as guardians
  • Very quiet
  • Gets into action once they detect a threat
  • Great dog for a family


  • Takes time to socialize


Pyrenees are the greatest dog breed ever. Though it is quiet, it gets into action once it detects a threat. They take time to get socialized with people. On the whole, they are great as a guard dog.

8. Cane Corso

Price:-$1,500 to $4,000

As a guarding and hunting dog, Cane Corso is highly valued. Though it has a lot of muscles, it is not very bulky when compared to mastiff breeds. It's a tad smaller than the Mastiff from Neapolitan too. The Cane Corso has a height of up to 28 inches and a weight of up to 110 lbs.

The Cane Corso dogs are very effective and athletic animals, being bred to hunt big game such as wild boar and to guard properties. They are best suited for experienced owners whose backyard is large and securely fenced.


  • Perfect as guardians and hunting dog
  • Doesn’t look too bulky
  • Height is up to 28 inches
  • Weight is of about 110 lbs
  • Best suited for experienced owners


  • Requires proper and experienced training.


Cane Corso has a lot of muscles yet it doesn’t look bulkier. It is of height 28 inches and weight is of 110 lbs. On the whole, it is perfect for hunting as well as guarding home.

9. Kangal

Price:-$800 - $1300 USD 

The Kangal is another gigantic dog guardian breed of Turkish livestock that makes its place in our list. The male Kangal dog has an average height of between 30 and 32 inches and weighs up to 145 lbs.

Female Kangals are a little lighter and a little shorter. The Kangal will be very friendly to all family, friends, adults, and kids as well as to other people if you socialize it properly.

In order to remain calm and happy, kangals need both physical and mental stimulation, such as daily jogs, runs, or walks as well as socialization.


  • Kangal is calm and friendly to all the family members and other people.
  • Height is of 32 inches
  • Weight is of 145 lbs
  • They are calm and happy temperament dogs


  • Needs to be socialized properly
  • Requires more exercise.


Kangal is 32 inches in height and weighs up to 145 lbs. These dogs are calm, happy, and are very affectionate to the family. Overall, these Kangal dogs require proper socialization to become friendly with the people.

10. Bully Kutta

Price:-$500 -$1000

In Urdu, Bully Kutta refers to an “extensively wrinkled dog”. Now it has become an extinct dog in Pakistan. It was bred for hunting and fighting and resembles strongly the ancient warfare dogs of Mesopotamian and Central Asia.

Dogs from this species are sociable, obedient and easy to train, which makes them excellent pets and watchdogs for people with experience to big dogs and who are able to establish themselves before the dog in front of the pack.


  • Hunting and fighting
  • Very easy to train
  • Perfect as watchdogs
  • Sociable and obedient


  • It requires proper training


Bully Kutta is an extensively wrinkled dog. It is sociable and obedient. These dogs are mainly utilized for hunting and fighting. On the whole, these dogs are perfect as watchdogs.


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Adopting a largest breed dogs is a big responsibility. They need extra care, proper diet and good training. Consider all the things before adopting one. We hope you liked this article.

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