Best 10 Japanese Dog breeds List For Japan People [2020]

Akita -  Famous Japanese dog Breeds

Price:- $200 USD to $5000 USD

Akita is the most famous dog in Japan. They have a dense coat come in several colors. Akita is a possessive food animal. You have to take care of it while giving them food. Akita has double coat hair. 

Akita requires daily exercise. A morning walk is enough for most of the breeds. Akita breed is brilliant.

As they feel insecure with stages, early socialization will help.


  • Loyal
  • Strong
  • Intelligent and can be trained easily


  • Feels insecure with strangers


If you are willing to adopt a dog for a guard, then Akita is the best dog. They are robust, intelligent and loyal.

Kishu ken - Japanese dog breeds

Price:- Average $1800 - $2200 USD

You can't believe that Kishu breed is rare in Japan. Kishu dog breed uses for hunting. This dog breed is a treasure for those who are running their home on hunting.

Kishu is more substantial with muscular known for his calmness. They knows how to hunt with patience.

If Kishu raised with small animals like cat, they take care of them too. Of all those available today have the white color of the coat.


  • Faithful
  • Noble
  • Occasional bath or brush


  • Seasonal shedding


If you want a guard dog, then Kishu ken is best.

Kai Ken Japanese dog

Price:- between $1500 to $2000

Kai Ken is one of the ancient Japanese dog breeds. It is one of the rare breeds in Japan. Kai Ken dog uses for hunting in the mountains. This breed of Japanese dog is intelligent. These dogs quickly adapt and learn.

Kai Ken is loyal to his master. Japanese people call Kai Ken as a 'trustworthy guardian'.


  • Not much grooming required
  • Loyal to his owner
  • Good at hunting and as a guardian


  • Appearance is not good


Kai Ken is the best dog for you if you are willing to adopt guardian dog.


Price:- between $500 to $700.

Hokkaido is a dominant dog. He has a wide chest and small ears. Hokkaido has more thick coat than other Japanese breeds having white, black, and many other colors. In puppy hood you train, they can quickly adapt anything. 

Grooming is essential for these dog breed. Weekly brushing is enough. Shedding is twice a year. Thus, these dogs need regular brushing and bath to remove dead skin and hair during the period.

Hokkaido dog breed is highly energetic. So, a daily morning walk with some extra activities is necessary.


  • Have alertness
  • Seasonal shedding
  • More energetic


  • Requires more exercise


If your family have time for hiking, jogging, then it is good to adopt Hokkaido. As they are energetic, requires suitable food.


Price:- Average $3000 - $4000 USD

Shikoku is also known as Kochi-ken because they found in Kochi prefecture on the island of Shikoku. it has a soft outer coat, while the inner coat is harsh. Weekly brushing is necessary to Shikoku dog breed.

As Shikoku breed is energetic, they require regular exercise. You can do activities like swimming, hiking, morning walk.


  • Highly energetic
  • Enthusiastic
  • Weekly brushing


  • Requires a good amount of exercise


If you have the whole time to spend with Shikoku breed, then you can adopt.

Shiba Inu

Price:- between $1400 – $2200

Shiba Inu is an ancient Japanese dog breed. Today, this is the most famous companion dog in Japan. Shiba sheds a lot. Thus you have to take care during their shedding period which takes place twice a year. You can use blowers to remove hairs during the shedding period.

Shiba needs moderate exercise as they are energetic. Shiba breeds tend to go away from where he born or sleeping. You have to take care of his needs so that he could not run away.


  • Most famous in Japan and America


  • Not easy to train
  • Shedding


If you are a fan of Shiba Inu or Japanese dog breed then must go with this dog breed.

Japanese Breed Small – Chin

Price:- $1,000-$2,000

Japanese breed is a small dog as compared to others. Due to look, it is famous for toy dog lovers. Japanese Chin dog has long and silky hair. Now you will think that it will take time and money to maintain its appearance. But surprisingly, it is easy to maintain in good condition.

Weekly grooming is sufficient for Japanese Chin. Nails must be trim regularly as they tend to grow fast. Moderate exercise is enough for Japanese Chin. Training is not difficult. 


  • Less maintenance for hair coat
  • Toy category
  • Appearance


  • Independent training
  • Not so friendly with strangers


If you are a fan of toy group dogs, then Japanese Chin is the best choice.

Most giant Japanese Dog Breed: Tosa

Price:- $1,700-$2,500

Tosa is the giant breed in all Japanese dog breed. These type of breeds are well known as a watchdog.  Tosa's coat is short and dense. Thus, you can groom and bath them occasionally. Tosa is a very calm breed. But exercise is a must to do.

It will help to get in fit and healthy. You can train Tosa breed quickly. Socialization is a must to do at the stage of puppy hood.


  • Calm nature
  • Occasional bath and grooming


  • Early socialization is necessary


Tosa breed is very calm. Don't need laborious exercise. If you don't have enough time but want to adopt a pet, then Tosa is the best choice.

Japanese Spitz

Price:- Average $1000 - $2500 USD

Japanese Spitz breed is such a breed which will make you happy. This breed loves to live with family. Spitz has pointed ears, white coat curvy tail. He has a look of a fox. It has a pure white coat. Shedding is twice per year. This period of shedding is 2-3 weeks. You have to do daily brushing to remove hair.

If you have an apartment or a farm, in both environment Spitz can live happily. But a daily walk can help them mentally and physically. Spitz is easy to train. They adopt new things if you train them. Early socialization makes them friendly to strangers also.


  • Friendly nature
  • Smiling face
  • Good train-ability


  • Requires regular exercise


If you are living ins a family, then Japanese Spitz is the best choice to adopt. Spitz loves family.

Sakhalin Husky

Price:- $1000-$1500

Sakhalin Husky is the giant breed which originated in Russia and Japan. It has a thick coat with a black, russet and cream color.  To reduce shedding, regular grooming will be helpful. Even you can cut hair. There is no requirement of a professional groomer.

If you are not cleaning your home by vacuuming then, you have to reconsider adopting Sakhalin Husky. Taking care of health by providing excellent high-quality food may help in shedding. This dog breed is intelligent and quite easy to train.


  • Playful
  • Intelligent
  • Loyal
  • Friendly


  • Shedding


The main problem with this breed is shedding. If you are using vacuum cleaning, then it can be eliminated. Otherwise, Sakhalin Husky is right.


  • What are the 6 Japanese dog breeds?

There are 6 most famous Japanese breeds of dog. 

Here is the Japanese dog breeds list:

  1. Shikoku
  2. Kishu
  3. Kai
  4. Hokkaido
  5. Akita
  6. Shiba Inu

All these are ancient Japanese dog breeds.

What is the most popular breed of dog in Japan?

The most famous Japanese breed of dog is Akit-Inu.

What is a large Japanese dog?

Japanese Mastiff is a large Japanese dog.

Do Japanese like dogs?

Yes, why not? Japanese people love dogs.

What was the favorite dog breed of the Japanese court?

The favorite dog breed in the Japanese court is Japanese Chin.

What are those Japanese dogs called?

Those Japanese dogs called as 'Nihon-ken'. They are national dogs of Japan.

Is Akita an excellent friendly dog?

Yeah, Akita is a friendly dog. But only when you are familiar to Akita. He is so aggressive if you are not known to him.

Will Akita protect you?

Yes, when you are in need, Akita will surely protect you. Akita is really silent dogs. They do not even bark without any reason.

Why are Akita dogs dangerous?

If Akita dogs are adequately trained and lived with other pets, then they are not dangerous. Akita's bite is dangerous. Thus they must have to be socialized.

Can an Akita kill a pitbull?

No, Akita doesn't have enough stamina to kill Pitbull.


Japan is a patriotic country. They reserve their first native things well. All these Japanese dogs are the treasure of Japan.

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