Best The 10 Hunting Dog Breeds List in the World [2020]

1. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Price:- $700 - $1500

This Ridgeback dog is first found Rhodesia in 1887. They are known for their bravery, and determination to save humans from Lions.

These Ridgeback have color variants from white chest light red to dark red. This dog breed has unique qualities to survive in the harsh conditions.

The Ridgeback have the strong immune system to protect itself from poisonous insect which is normal in African Land. Even they can survive sneaky Siafu (African Ant). Also, this breed dog can run up to 30 miles without any stoppage.


  • lion hunting dog breeds
  • Survive in harsh condition
  • Doesn’t bark excessively.
  • Very obedient.


  • Eat too much.
  • Loves to dig.


This dog breed is first used by African in Rhodesia. This breed is mainly used to protect from lions because this is very powerful and energetic. Basically, the ancestor of this dog has done a lot of hard work and became this dog stronger.

You have to fix eating schedule of this dog because it eats a lot. Also, you have to train him not to dig otherwise they can ruin your garden.

2. American Foxhound

Price:- $400 - $1000

This dog is mainly found in USA that’s their origin. You will find this breed dog in unique variant of color.

American Foxhounds in ancient times to hunt deer and fox hunting. The most powerful weapon of this dog is running. They need a simple training for better understanding.

They do not eat without its owner permission. This breed dogs are best for hunting because of their energetic nature.


  • Best Hunting Dog breeds
  • Running ability
  • Very loyal
  • Can Hunt Fox.
  • Attain hard exercise


  • Needs hard exercise


This dog breed is very loving by its color variants. Basically, this is used to hunt fox and deer. You can easily train him more than 3 time in a day.

this breed is very protective towards its owner. Also, there is no need to bath this breed dog daily. The diet of this dog is not large but needs high quality food.

3. Karelian Bear Dog

Price:- $1000 - $1500

This dog breed is found mostly in Finland where its origin. Karelian Dogs are found in two color combination of coats.

This dog breed is mainly used to hunt big animals like Bears, Moose, and Wild Boars. There must be two or more than two dogs are used to hunt bears. The eyes of Karelian Bear dog are bright and intelligent.

You will find this dog aggressive and on attacking position. So, proper training is necessary for this dog to keep everyone safe.


  • Bear Hunting dog breeds
  • Beautiful dog.
  • Hunt variety of animals including Bears.
  • Energetic
  • Powerful


  • Need proper training.
  • Aggressive
  • Can’t survive in high temperature.


This dog breed is used to hunt variety of animals like foxes, Bears as per its name and many more. You will find this dog breed in black and white color combination. This breed dogs are aggressive towards others so you have to give a proper training to keep this breed as pet dog.

4. German Short haired Pointer

Price:- $1400 - $2500

This dog breed is highly energetic. It can catch their prey very rapidly. Also, this breed dogs are not too large or smaller just normal size dogs.

The origin of the German Short haired pointer is Germany. When you take a look towards tail it is short and straight.

This dog breed can be trained to hunt Ducks. Even you can easily socialize them to give proper training otherwise it is harmful for others.


  • Duck hunting specialist
  • Faster and muscular.
  • Medium and smaller sizes.
  • Trained to socialize.
  • Highly energetic.


  • Aggressive towards animal.
  • Need regular 4 hours exercise.


This breed is mainly known for duck hunting. It is very energetic dog breed which needs regular 4 hours of exercise to release the energy otherwise they will start un-necessary chewing to Sofa’s, Plants, and barking.

But, by proper training it will be socialize. This dog breed is aggressive towards other animals but this will be controlled by training.

5. Labrador Retriever

Price:- $800 - $1200

This is the most used dog breed in US and some other country. After WW2 this breed became popular for hunting birds.

You will find this dog breed to be very loyal and loving. This dog breed is very energetic and can catch its prey very rapidly.

You can easily train this dog by giving 30 to 60 minutes a day. It is not so aggressive towards other animal. The affection with family is very high.


  • Bird Hunting dog breeds
  • Not Aggressive.
  • Needs 30-60 minutes training.
  • Easily hunt Birds.
  • Affection is very high towards family.


  • Hair lose in summers.
  • Laziness after some age.


This dog breed is filled with energy and happiness. Also, Labrador is very much attached to its owner family. And it is very easy to train Labrador than other dog breeds.

If you visit at airports you will find Labrador breed working as K-9 police officer. This is used to catch flying birds in ancient times.

6. Weimaraner

Price:- $700 - $2000

 Weimaraner are athlete in their first appearance. These dog breeds are very intelligent. The sensitivity of these dogs are very large. They get bored when no one is with them.

This dog breed was mostly used by Germans for hunting purpose. The Bears, boar and deer are no big deal for this beautiful dog.


  • German Hunting dog breeds
  • Beautiful
  • Intelligent
  • Hunts Boar, deer, etc.
  • Loyal to owner.


  • Needs exercise daily for long time.
  • Very sensitive.


The Weimaraner dog breed’s origin is Germany. This dog has a nick name “Silver Ghost”. Because of their shiny silver fur on their skin. Its appearance is athletic and have a short tail.

In the ancient time German used this dog to hunt Bears, Boars, Deer, and smaller animals. The training needs to be hard otherwise the dog get bored and start barking or may be start digging.

7. Golden Retriever

Price:- $800 - $2000

This dog comes with beautiful cream and white color furs. There are different sizes from medium to large. It is mostly used to used to hunt ducks and birds and other small animals.

This dog breed loves water. You can train this dog easily with basic and advanced skills. The coat of this dog is very large. It is easy to live in suburban and country environment.

Golden Retriever is very kind and gentle towards its owner family and friends. It can also work as guard if you train him in advanced way.


  • Loyal to family.
  • Easy to train.
  • Good hunter.
  • Can live in big city easily.


  • Not a good fighter.


This dog breed is very good at hunting small animals like rabbits, ducks, and birds. You can easily train him who to protect and when attack. It can easily adopt suburban cities.

Also, you will find him very kind to your family and relatives. Needs less exercise and very calm in nature.

8. Braque d’ Auvergne

Price:- $800 - $1500

The origin of this versatile hunting dog is France. It mainly found in mountain area of Canal. Also, this dog has docked tail. The fur of this dog is black dots over white fur.

This dog is of very good nature. Also, the most important thing is hunting is very easy to this dog.

This dog needs daily exercise to reduce body heat and get stable. This dog can achieve a speed greater than a deer and catch them easily.


  • Easy to train.
  • Versatile Hunting dog breeds
  • Long Head and long ears.
  • Coat is short.
  • Athletic look.
  • Loyal and stable.


  • Excellent training for better hunting.


This dog is very gentle and loyal to its family. It can do what you train to him. This dog needed daily exercise to get stable and calm. This dog is very beautiful and scares to attacker.

You can hunt a deer with this dog if it got trained. Its origin is in mountain area so no worry about running ability.

9. Beagle

Price:- $800 - $1500

This dog is smaller in size about 13-16 inches. Beagle are less in weight and runs faster they are better hunting small animals like Hare.

They are also used by police due to excellent sense of smell or simply say detection dogs. Beagle are always intelligent and calm.

It’s a beautiful dog due to its small size. The origin of this small dog is not known. They can be easily trained because not need heavy exercise.


  • Small Hunting dog breeds
  • Daily 30-60 minutes exercise.
  • Runs faster.
  • Loyal dog.
  • Catch smaller animals.
  • Easily trained.


  • Itchy skin at high temperatures.


This dog is very intelligent and loyal to owner. Also, you will find them on airport by detection department due to their smelling power. Needs less hours of training to hunt smaller animals.  Beagles are very beautiful so can be used as pet dog.

10. American Staghound

Price:- $800 - $1500

This dog is mainly found in cold regions and skinny in appearance. Staghound is very courageous and affectionate.

There are many colors in staghound like Black, Blue, Brindle, Brown, White, and Yellow. This dog can’t live in suburban or cities.

Also, this dog can be easily train and get better results in hunting. These are very good and happy with children.


  • Coyote Hunting dog breeds
  • Need less quantity food.
  • Easily train hunt.
  • Happy with child.
  • Powerful
  • Loyal


  • Skinny


This dog is very good at running and can catch rabbits and Hares easily. Also, you can train this dog easily. This is very affectionate towards its owner. There are many color of this dog. You find him very calm with children.


What is the best dog for deer hunting?

Beagle, Bloodhound, Coonhound, Brittany Dog, etc.

Which dog is best for hunting?

Rhodesian Ridgeback, American Foxhound, Karelian Bear Dog, etc.

What do you call a hunting dog?

Dog that helps in the hunting purposes.

What is the best dog for rabbit hunting?


Can hunting dogs be inside dogs?



Above mentioned dogs are best hunting breed dogs. They’re capable to kill with their power. Also not only they are hunter but also a great guards too. We hope you liked the article.

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