Best 15 Healthiest Dog Breeds List before Buy For New Owner [2020]

1. Australian Cattle Dog (Healthiest Large Dog Breeds)

Price:- $1900 -$5500

In the list of ‘Top 10 Healthiest Dog Breeds’, first dog is Australian Cattle. Australian Cattle Dog comes under healthiest large dog breeds category. Australian Cattle Dog has white soft coat with blue, grey and red color.

This dog breed is useful whiling hunting, chasing or even while moving livestock. Double layer coat of American Cattle Dog provides protection to him. You can brush it once or twice a week. Australian Cattle Dog sheds twice per year during his shedding period.

If you are not giving time to Australian Cattle Dog, then they may get bored. Thus you have to play with them.


  • No need to brush regularly
  • Energetic


  • Hard to train
  • Shedding
  • Requires lots of activities


If you are not just pet lover but professional, then Australian Cattle Dog breed is for you. You must have to invest good amount of time with them. Otherwise them will get bored.

2. Chihuahua (healthiest small dog breeds)

Price:- $800 - $1500

Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world. It has round head like an apple which is the hallmark of this breed. This dog breed has triangular pointed ears and big eyes. Chihuahua have two types of coat. 

If your Chihuahua has long hair then it requires brushing one a week, but for short hair occasional brushing is enough. Chihuahua requires daily exercise like running, playing with balls.

But don’t do anything over. This dog breed is trainable. If you train with positive attitude, then he will sure respond.


  • Occasional brushing
  • Friendly and affectionate
  • Trainable
  • Responsive
  • They are the smallest breed in the world
  • Height is of 16 cm


  • Requires regular exercise


Chihuahua comes under healthiest small dog breeds category. This breed is like a baby. Very small, cute and but still intelligent.

3. Greyhound (healthiest large dog breeds)

Price:- $500 -$1000

Greyhound comes under healthiest large dog breed. It has short coat which requires grooming weekly. His nails should be trimmed regularly. Teeth should be brushed daily.

Greyhound is very energetic dog. We can called them Cheetah. He has amazing speed. You can train them, but you have to start from puppy hood. Early socialization may be help to know who is our friend or not.


  • Occasional shedding
  • Energetic
  • Trainable
  • Friendly
  • Occasional brushing


  • Requires more exercise
  • Looks is not good better than other


Greyhound dog breed is loyal. If you hiker, swimmer, love to explore, then this dog is best choice for you.

4. Beagle (Healthiest Dog Breeds)

Price:- $500 - $850

Beagle dog breed is small in size having black, red and white color. If you want a family dog then dog breed is best. Beagle shed in winter season. But it doesn’t mean that they do not shed in other season.

You have to take care of their coat by brushing 2-3 times a week. This will remove dead hairs and will promote regrow of new hairs. You can use medium size hair brush.

I few talk about bathing, then I is not necessary to bath them regularly unless they get messy. Frequently bathing Any cause harsh skin.


  • Trainable
  • Energetic
  • Friendly nature
  • No cost on vet


  • Shedding
  • Requires a good amount of exercise


Beagle is a small in size dog breed. You will definitely enjoy his company. If you have family, then you must have to go with this breed.

5. Poodle

Price:- $800 - $1400

Poodle dog breed is just like a doll. This dog breed has white and grey color. You must have to learn about ‘how to brush dog professionally’. Because Poodle has a loyal look and to keep it grooming is necessary. It is totally depends on you whether you want  professional groomer or try yourself at home.

Poodle has less shedding problem. But you have to brush them regularly. Vacuum cleaning is best option to remove fallen hair on floor.

Poodle requires regular exercise. You must have to do some exercise with your dog to maintain their health. Otherwise they will get bored.

Poodle is highly trainable. You can train them some tricks.


  • Highly trainable
  • Friendly nature
  • Less shedding


  • Requires professional groomer to maintain look
  • Requires regular exercise


You can relate Poodle looks to woman. Thus if you are a woman then this is the best choice.

6. Rottweiler

Price:- $1500 - $2500

Rottweiler breed is known fro calm, courage and confident nature. It has straight hairs. Thus it will not cause any difficulty while brushing. Weekly brushing is enough, but bathing regularly is must.

Weekly brushing in enough to maintain coat healthy. Shedding problem may cause in spring and fall.

This dog breed loves swimming, running and all other activities. You have to play with them to maintain their mental health.


  • Weekly brushing
  • Energetic
  • Loyal


  • Requires more exercise
  • Shedding problem


If you are doing activities like swimming, running regularly, then Rottweiler is the best choice. This dog breed requires good amount of exercise. Thus playing with them is necessary.

7. Manchester Terrier

Price:- $800- $2200

Jet black colored Manchester Terrier dog breed has athletic body.

Manchester Terrier has tight coat. It doesn't require any special treatment for hair maintenance. Just wash it and wipe with the help of towel will help you.

Manchester Terrier is very active. You must have to do some workout with him to maintain physical as well as mental health.

You can train Manchester Terrier easily. He will surely enjoy training session if you give them treat after every successful session.


  • Less coat maintenance
  • Energetic
  • Very alert
  • Athletic


  • Requires regular exercise


If you want very active dog breed with athletic performance, then Manchester Terrier is best one.

8. Azawakh

Price:- $2000 - $2500

Azawakh has very short hair having red, white color combination. Thus, it requires very less time to keep them at best.

You have to brush them weekly once. It is enough for Azawakh dog breed. That all to keep coat in good condition.

You don’t have to bath them regularly because this dog breed don’t have a doggy color.

Azawakh requires daily exercise for healthy body. If you play half an hour daily which is enough for Azawakh, then you can keep them healthy.

His nature is very friendly. If you train them with treat, then they will learn easily.


  • Very friendly nature
  • Trainable
  • Comes under healthiest dog breeds category


  • You have to exercise them regularly which may cause problem if you don’t have time


Azawakh look is very beautiful. He is loyal and independent. 

9. Bergamasco Sheepdog

Price:- $1000- $1500

Bergamasco Sheepdog is one of the healthiest dog breed. Bergamasco Sheepdog has pretty cool coat. You can say that it does not require any maintenance.

You don’t have to bath or brush them. Bathing once a year is more than enough. Bergamasco Sheepdog doesn't shed. If you have dog allergy, then this dog breed is best for you.

Small activity can be helpful to maintain his mood. But you have to participate. This dog breed really loves when their owner touches, cuddles them.

Bergamasco Sheepdog is very calm in nature. But you have to expose them with people from puppy hood


  • Trainable
  • No shedding problem
  • Occasional bathing


  • Not good with strangers


If you don’t have too much time but want pet dog, then Bergamasco Sheepdog is best.

10. Alaskan Malamute

Price:- $1500 - $3500

Almond shaped eyes with furred tail Alaskan Malamute is a loyal dog breed.

You must keep them clean by brushing with the help of a metal comb. They shed two times per year. You can bath them after two months.

Alaskan Malamute was bred for work. Thus, he has good energy as well as an athletic body.

You can train them but make sure after every trick they learned, you must have to give them a treat.

This dog breed has a friendly nature. But you have to expose them to surroundings from puppy hood.


  • Friendly nature
  • Energetic
  • Loyal
  • Trainable


  • Two time shedding
  • Requires good amount of exercise


If you want a healthy dog breed then must go with this one.

11. Pomeranian

Price:- $600- $1500

These are cute, energetic and furry dogs which are smart and loyal to their families. They are small in size but bold with loud barking. They don’t know when to stop barking when they encounter a stranger.

They are much agile indoors and are prone to get a heat stroke during a hot sunny day. That’s why they should be kept indoors mostly. They love to go on a long walk. Their maximum sizes and weight are 1 foot and 3 to 7 pounds.

These dogs can be trained easily. They have the attitude of big dogs. They are curious and intelligent with extrovert nature, it’s easier for them to get along with new people, and to be playful. They are companion dog breeds.


  • Long-Living Companion
  • Convenient Size
  • Trainable and Smart
  • Adorable looks
  • Intelligent and extrovert nature


  • Small dog syndrome
  • They bark a lot
  • They are fragile


They are among the most popular breeds all over the world. They are not highly dependent on their owners hence best for older people. These are not recommended for families having very young children as they may get harmed accidentally. Still they can play together under supervision. Life Expectancy of Pomeranian are generally 12 to 16 years.

12. Siberian husky

Price:- $600- $1300

If you are an experienced dog owner belonging to a cold region, these dogs are for you. They are kind, friendly and faithful towards family members.

They are very popular healthy breed. They possess excellent tendency of barking. They are believed to have inexhaustible energy hence they need enough exercise.

They are playful and friendly towards strangers. So, they can’t be kept as home-guards. Their ability to learn is really incredible. Size and the weight are 25 inches to less than 3 feet and 30 to 55 pounds.These dogs are difficult to train.

They are very strong and over-protective towards their owners. This breed is not for everyone. Go for it only when you have a strong personality to match. They are very beautiful/attractive.


  • Odorless and clean
  • Economical and Convenient
  • Dynamic and playful


  • Heavy Shedding
  • Stubborn Behaviors
  • Noise Levels


These dogs need a lot of room to stay healthy and happy. They are often regarded as Escape Artists. Pomeranian dogs are affectionate with children. They need enough time and more interaction at home. They are mischievous, stubborn and act like a leader. They are independent. As a conclusion, they need proper care and grooming. So plan them to make your pet if you have enough time and a home big enough. Life expectancy is 12 to 15 years.

13. Pug

Price:- $600- $1500

This breed is the one of the oldest breed of dogs known to mankind. They are small pets for people of any age group. They bring joy to the family with their mischievous activities. They make great house pets. They are small in size hence adorable.

They are considered as ideal house dog. They can adapt themselves in city or town, with kids or with old folks but need a moderate atmosphere. Their maximum sizes are 1 foot and weight are generally 14 to 18 pounds. The life expectancy of this dogs are 12 to 15 years.


  • Low Maintenance Grooming
  • Unique
  • Good with Kids
  • Require less physical activity
  • Playful Partners


  • Shedding
  • Stubborn
  • Emotionally Needy


The dogs of this breed are cheerful and adaptive. They are good for novice owners due to their great sense of humor. They are very amiable with everyone, even strangers. They are kind of lazy. So, they can’t be treated as a home-guard. They are easy to groom. They possess moderate energy level and need high quality dog-food prescribed by the Vet. Also, they are more prone to getting obese, hence need proper exercise. They are sturdy.

14. Pharaoh Hound

Price:- $1500- $2500

These are big dog breeds which are affectionate and loyal companions. They are very sensitive and adaptable. If you are a novice living in a hot region, this big dog breed will be perfect for you.

They are friendly with kids, older people and also with other dogs. 

Since they are amiable towards strangers as well, they are not treated as home-guard. The weight and size of these dogs are 45 to 55 pound and 21 inches to 2.2 feet. The life expectancy of Pharaoh Hound’s are 11 to 14 years.


  • Low Maintenance
  • Intelligent
  • Entertaining in nature


  • High energy
  • Slow to mature


These are playful and easy to train. They are intelligent and strong-willed. They are one of the healthiest breeds. He is independent and seeks human companionship. They are alert and bark if find anything suspicious. He is ideal to respect your commands. They bark when they get bored. They require at least half an hour exercise per day.

15. Boxer

Price:- $1200- $1500

Boxers are medium big-sized guard dogs.  They are energetic and take enough exercise.  They love consistent training and appreciation. Their size and Wight are 3 feet and 60 to 70 ponds.

These are working dogs in moderate temperature. They are muscular and mischievous. These are intelligent, alert and fearless. They are quite adaptable, sensitive and family friendly.

They are amiable and playful with kids and bark on strangers. Life expectancy of boxers are 10 to 12 years.


  • Low Maintenance
  • Intelligent & Energetic
  • Very Loving
  • Great Personality
  • Great Family Dog


  • Curious and very nosy
  • Need daily walking and playing


They are easy to groom. They can be left outside for extended period of time. They are among the healthier breeds. They are aggressive to protect their home and family.


What are the healthiest dog breeds?

check above list.

What is the healthiest large dog breeds?

If you are going to buy a pet then you must take care of health issue whether it is after of before buying.This is the list of best healthiest big dog breeds:

  • Rottweilers
  • Australian Cattle Dog
  • Alaskan Malamute
  • Greyhound
  • Poodle

What is the healthiest small dog breeds?

  • Beagles
  • Boston Terriers
  • Schoodles
  • Affenpinschers
  • Pombroke Welsh Corgis
  • Havanese
  • Chihuahua
  • Miniature Schnauzer
  • Pomeranian
  • Shih Tzu

What are the healthiest medium dog breeds?

  • American Eskimo Dog

Which dog lives the longest?

  • Australian Cattle Dog lives a long life. This dog breed holds a record for 29 years.

What dog breeds get cancer the most?

  • Golden Retriever
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs
  • Flat Coated Retrievers
  • Rottweilers
  • Scottish Terriers

What dogs has the worst health problems?

Dogs with worst health problems:

  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Bulldog
  • German Shepherd
  • Golden Retriever
  • Basset Bernard

Do dogs die of cancer?

Cancer is the main cause of death in dogs. Variety of cancer found in dogs is same like the humans.

What is the healthiest cross-breed?

You cant say which is healthy or not when you crew-breed dogs. But makes sure that parents must be free from any disease while cross breeding.


While choosing dog you must have to consider parents past history. It will decide puppy’s health. The cost on vent bills will be decrease also.

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