Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds List All over World [2020]

Pomeranian: (Cutest Dog breeds)

Price:- $500 and $1,500

Pomeranian is the world’s cutest small dog breed But they found in orange and red color most. You can easily train them and make a good watchdog.

If your child is grown enough, then you can allow them to play with Pomeranian. Pomeranian dog breed has a double coat. You have to brush regularly to maintain its beauty. Straight forward 2-3 times a week brushing is enough.

Pomeranian dog breed requires regular exercise, But be careful while going for a walk. Don’t allow them to run freely. You must have an eye on them.


  • You can easily train them
  • Responsive
  • Quick Active
  • Smiley face


  • Regular brushing needs


Pomeranian is a toy dog. If you are a toy dog lover, then Pomeranian is the best one.

Bichon Frise

Price:- $500 to $1000

Bichon Frise was my first toy dog. I named him a ‘Bom’. They are cute, playful and curious. You can’t ignore them easily. Bichon gives me a lot of good experience. Whenever I go with him to a park or mall, people always cuddle him. Everyone loves this little one.

Brushing is more important to him. Two to three time a week is enough.  You can bath them once a month. It is important to take care of. You have to go to groomer after 6-7 weeks.

You can play with him, jump, teach him something, bathe, brush. He will support you. He never resists.


  • No shedding dog
  • Easily trained
  • Love able


  • A lot of bark (still it’s cute)
  • Special groomer requires


Bichon Frise is a toy dog. If you want a cutest small dog breeds, then Bichon Frise is the best choice.

Yorkshire Terrier

Price:- Average $800 - $1500 USD

If you look at Yorkshire Terrier, then you will not know if it is a toy or a dog. It comes in small cutest dog breeds category. Yorkshire Terrier breed has long good quality hair in black and gold color. It is the most popular dog breed in America.

Yorkshire has a coat like human hair. You have to treat as similar to your hair. I know people who love to grow Yorkshire’s hair long. But they fail to maintain their quality due to hectic schedule.

Thus you have to give time to maintain. You can brush them regularly so that the quality will not reduce.


  • Less shedding
  • Friendly nature


  • Requires special grooming service
  • Need Regular exercise
  • You cant train them by self


In my opinion if you are housewife, then it is good to buy Yorkshire. Because this dog breed needs care than other dogs.

Pomsky (mixed cutest dog breeds)

Price:- $1000-$3000

Pomsky is a cute cross-breed dog of Pomeranian and Husky. If you are living in an apartment, then Pomsky is an ideal choice. As they need small space for living and moderate exercise, makes them apartment dogs.

Pomsky has a wide variety of coats similar to their parent dogs. Like other dogs, you have to socialize them early. They are easy to train. But sometimes maybe stubborn due to Husky genes.


  • Well for those who live in the apartment
  • Sensitive
  • Can live in cold weather
  • Intelligent
  • Easy to train


  • Shedding


Pomsky is a mixed cutest dog breed. Thus, Husky and Pomeranian gene’s decide how they will act and look. If you are an experienced dog owner, then you can go with Pomsky.


Price:- Average $500 - $800 USD

Beagle is described as a ‘Merry’. This dog breed is especially for the family. Beagle is famous in dog lovers of America. Beagle has a smooth and dense coat of hair. Brushing is necessary 2-3 times a week.

As they shed seasonally, you have to take of them during the shedding period.

Beagle is an active and energetic bread. They love the company of humans or dogs. If you let them alone, they will be destructive. So, share your ideas, talk, tell stories, cuddle them as possible as.


  • Energetic
  • Friendly
  • Trainable


  • Requires a good amount of exercise
  • Sheds


If you want a family dag, then Beagle is a good choice.


Price:- between $600 to $900

No one doesn’t know about Pug. Pug has history from Chinese emperors to Holland’s Royal House of Orange. Pug is small with a smooth coat (which need minimum maintenance).

If you have less time but want to buy a dog, then Pug is the best option.

Weekly brushing is enough. But you have to understand that Pug shed regularly. You can train, teach Pug easily. This breed has a friendly nature.


  • Weekly brushing
  • Regular exercise
  • Friendly nature


  • Sheds regularly


Pug is small in size. You can travel by Pug easily. So, if you are a fan of small dog breed then Pug is the best choice.

French Bulldog

Price:- between $1,500-$3,000.

Don’t confuse with Pug and French Bulldog. Both look same’ but has one difference. French Bulldog has ears like a bat. Its shape is pointed triangle. It is a trademark feature of this breed. It has a short coat.

But sheds regularly. You can brush them occasionally. French Bulldog has a calm nature. Morning walk is enough for him.


  • Occasional bath
  • Calm nature
  • Alert


  • Sheds regularly


French Bulldog can be a replacement of Pug. If you don’t find out a Pug then it is the best option. French Bulldog has one specialty that it does not bark much. If this specialty is one of the most priority to you, then just go with this.

Bernese Mountain Dog: (cutest large dog breeds)

Price:- between $800-$2,000

If you are a fan of cutest large dog breeds, the Bernese Mountain dog is best. This dog breed is available double coat in black, rusty and white color. Shedding is the problem with Bernese Mountain Dog.

You have to do weekly brushing to remove loose hair. Nails should be trimmed regularly. Bernese mountain dog is a very energetic dog. This breed requires moderate exercise for at least half an hour.

They love family as well as a long walk. You can train them. I recommend you that socialize them as early as possible as.


  • Energetic


  • Reserved with strangers
  • Shed


If you love hiking, running, swimming then Bernese Mountain dog breed will love you.


Price:- Average $1000 - $1500 USD

With wrinkles on the face, giant Mastiff has a muscular body. Mastiff is in the large cute dog breeds category. It has a dense coat which is very easy to groom. You can brush it after a week.

If we talk about shedding, then it is once or twice a year. Mastiff breed requires low exercise.

But I will recommend you to go morning walk regularly. You have to play with them in parks or gardens in every weekend. Because who will love a fat dog? But make sure don’t go for a long walk.


  • Trained easily
  • Alert


  • Shedding


If you want t large but cute dog, then Mastiff is the best choice. This dog breed doesn’t need hard exercise.

Golden Retriever

Price:- Average $1000 - $2000 USD

Golden Retriever is muscular, but he is cute too. This dog breed believes in outdoor activity. They are easy to train. Even if you don’t have any experience, you can train them.Season shedding may occur once or twice a year.

During the time of shedding, you must have to brush regularly. If you have a vacuum cleaner, then it is easy to clean your furniture, tiles.It has a lot of energy.

Thus you have to give time regularly. You can do morning walk with Golden retriever.

Make sure it is enough for him Not too less or not to more. You must have to give them high-quality food for their longer life and health.


  • Energetic
  • Easily trained
  • Friendly nature


  • Requires a good amount of exercise
  • Shedding


If you are trekking, hiking, swimming lover, then Golden Retriever is the best choice.


What are the top 10 cutest dogs?

Top ten cutest dog breeds:

  • Pomeranian
  • Bichon fries
  • Yorkshire terrier
  • Pomsky
  • Beagle
  • Pug
  • French Bulldog
  • Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Mastiff
  • Golden Retriever

What do cute dogs look like?

You can see some similar looks in all dogs which looks cute such as big head than the body, head in round shape, forward-facing eyes. 

What are cute names for dogs?

Here is the list of cute dog names:

  • Bee
  • Jellybean
  • Little
  • Socks
  • Zoro

What is the downstairs of having a very cute dog?

Having a cute is not so easy in some cases. You have to train them more than an ordinary dog requires. If you are a travel lover and you want to travel with your dog, then some special arrangement may require.

What dog is super cute, but not well known?

Here are some dogs which are super cute, but not well known in dog lovers:

  • Leonberger
  • German Indian Dog
  • Keeshond
  • Panda Shepherd
  • Yekutian Laika
  • Caucasian Shepherd
  • West Siberian Laika
  • Greenland Dog
  • Biewer Terrier

Can I use a GPS belt on a cute dog?

Yeah, definitely. Why not? If your dog is small and cute, it is not easy to train them. There are chances to lose them when you are in a public space with the crowd. GPS may help to find them.

What is the cutest dog breed in your opinion?

As I mention above, I love my first cute dog which is Bichon Frise. They are playful and curious. You will fall in love with Bichon Frise.


All dogs are really cute. It is only matter of your view. If you  want a toy dog, then Pomeranian is the best one. Also, you can go with Bichon Frise which is my favorite dog. Golden Retriever is also best one for those who are already a owner of dogs.

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